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  • Classic premium quality homemade "TAGLIATELLE" pasta WITH MUSHROOMS AND TRUFFLE OIL from Greece, without salt. Pasta of impeccable quality is made from selected ingredients of the highest quality. They do not contain synthetic additives. Without salt. 400 g

    Premium razor shells in brine Fernande Re collection "Ar de Arte"

    Arkoi pine honey with Chios Mastica is from the small Greek Aegean island of Arkoi. "Eulogia of Sparta" 298 g

    Premium Artisan Sokowafers: delicious waffles filled with handmade hazelnut cream, covered with a rich chocolate filling and other additives such as salted caramel milk chocolate and hazelnut cream. Pack of 5 servings. 155 g

    "GOLD - RASPBERRY" Licorice covered with chocolate "LIQUID BY BÜLOW" 125 g

    Total  5 pcs.