• The world’s landscape of amazing beauty is providing us with  a unique opportunity to offer on the market the highest quality products like honey, extra virgin olive oil, organic tea and herbs.

    EPICUREAN is a leading premium quality food boutique offering personolised corporate and private gifts services in the Baltic States, that provides the most valuable and important gifts of the nature, worldwide.

    From the head office in Vilnius, Lithuania we offer our clients worldwide  a vast of award's winning luxury gastronomy product range, which have been selected from all the different part's of world, sealed in high- end packaging that reflects the quality of the highest quality and luxurious taste experience.

    Additionally, we are oferring custom made packages, based on client's unique needs and preferences. Our uniquely crafted boxes contain an exclusive selection of "real" foods, that provides pleasure, healthy lifestyle and improves well being.

    We describe our work  these pure, authentic, naturally made products through a specific "feeling". Culture, art and cognition of traditions of perfection, knowledge, passion and inspiration!

    Our passion is to provide the most valuable and important  corporate and private gifts of nature, offered as well in bulk that reflects the quality of the highest quality of the taste experience.

    Our goal is to present the best, natural, authentic "real" foods worldwide.

    Please feel free to get in touch, as we look forward to helping you deliver a corporate or private gift exprecience, you will never forget.

    Apply for wholesale, bookings for special occasions or corporate or private events.