TOP 3! Premium seafood cans. Fernando Rei Collection "Ar de Arte" 3 VNT

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  • Did you know that the proponents of the Mediterranean diet - feel happier, have more energy ?!

    The human body needs nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA acids to maintain a good psychological state. These substances can be found in fish, especially salmon, herring, seafood.

    We have selected TOP3 premium quality seafood products that will "produce" joy in our brains;
    SMALL SCALLOPS IN SCALLOP SAUCE 12/16 pieces in a can
    PREMIUM RAZOR SHELLS IN BRINE Fernande ReI collection "Ar de Arte"
    PREMIUM MUSSELS IN PICKLED SAUCE (7/10 units, large)
    A total of 3 pcs