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  • 240g / 55hours

    A humble bush praised from millennia for its medicinal properties, while used by warriors before battles to give them courage and heroism. Made almost exclusively from thyme essential oil of the species Thymus Atticus, native only to Greece, sourced from the slopes of mount Olympus. The Atticus variety is a crisp-lemony surprise you won't get enough of, still maintaining the well-known herbal heart of thyme. And for a full aromatherapy experience we added rosemary and basil to the mix with a hint of fresh fougere.

    Hand poured soy candle housed in a concrete container created exclusively by hand from high strength cement and heat proof silica sand, providing excellent durability and heat resistance. We encourage you to reuse the vessel after burning the wax content. All fragrance contents are sourced from fair trade and ethical sources. Package is made by recyclable paper.

    Aromatic notes: Thyme essential oil (Thymus Atticus), rosemary, basil, fougere