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  • The beauty in a gold robe and a diamond crown - the classic ghazal .A loving fragrance created to fill everyday life with passion.
    Middle Eastern magic, a mix of fragrances full of charm, for lovers of delicacies!  

    Fragrance type

    middle eastern charm with a mixture of oud and rose.
    The special aroma of the rose fills the soul with serenity, and the woody notes like oud, sandalwood and amber create a warm and elegant environment. This fragrance composition is dominated mainly by the aromas of rose and oud, followed by other fragrance notes such as bergamot, jasmine and amber softly embracing the main characters.

    +RED GRAPE SOAP Timeless adventure for everyday life "Zador" 160 G

    The skin beautifying properties of the red grape has been known for centuries. Providing smoothness for all skin types, this ZADOR soap contains not only red grape extract but also grapeseed oil. It tightens dull skin and nourishes with its high vitamin E content. Along with the Fig Pear soap, we recommend these beauties for our male customers as well, hence the unisex scent.
    The perfect mood booster after a long day
    Vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin
    Shea butter for anti-ageing
    Sweet fruity scent
    Thermal water with healing properties
    Over 98% natural ingredients
    Hungarian product
    Hand wrapped triple-milled soap