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  • The more commonly known as Damask Rose is a cultivated flower that is not found growing wild. Its name refers to the city of Damascus in Syria where it is believed to have been brought to Europe during the time of the Holy Crusades. Other accounts state that it was the ancient Romans who brought it to their colonies in mainland Europe and England. Whatever the case, this exquisite rose is now cultivated all over the world and it is prized in the fragrance industry. We are sourcing this precious oil from small family farms in Central Macedonia and have paired it with woody cassis notes and fresh muguet to bring it up to date as a modern, subtle yet organic aroma.

    Hand poured soy candle housed in a concrete container created exclusively by hand from high strength cement and heat proof silica sand, providing excellent durability and heat resistance. We encourage you to reuse the vessel after burning the wax content. All fragrance contents are sourced from fair trade and ethical sources. Package is made by recyclable paper.

    Aromatic notes: Rose essential oil (Rosa Damascena), peony, cassis, muguet.

    240g / 55hours