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  • Lovely pasta which we really enjoyed!
    Award-winning from Great Taste, the world's largest and most trusted food and drink awards!

    Some of the judges comments

    ‘These ribbons are wide and golden from the turmeric. On tasting the semolina sings on the palate with just a hint of the spice. This would be a wonderful vehicle for everything from a meat-based sauce to cheese, or with fresh sage and butter. Lovely pasta which we really enjoyed.’

    ‘This is a perfectly sized Hilopites pasta and the strips are thin too. It's a lovely shape and a great vehicle for the traditional dishes it's used in. We can imagine how well it holds sauces and flavour. The pasta itself has a good wheat flavour with some rich notes from the egg and milk and there is a density to it which we enjoyed. The texture although smooth offers up a satisfying mouthfeel. Delicious.’

    Classic premium quality home made tagliettele from Greece without salt. Pasta of impeccable quality is made from selected ingredients of the highest quality. Made according to a special technology, nurturing the old Greek production traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. They do not contain synthetic additives. The tastes are such that they are very reminiscent of country style, so delicious that you want to lick the plate.

    Suitable with endless recipes! These pasta contains B vitamins, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as vitamin E. When cooked pasta preserves the nutritional value of the pasta, the valuable properties of the grain, produced without sticking or stretching.

    No salt, no preservatives. Each pack contains 400 g / pack of 4+ servings.
    Without powder, without paint, it is suitable even for people who are not allowed to salt.

    Ingredients: Semolina, durum wheat flour, fresh eggs, fresh cow's milk.

    These extraordinary indide ingredients not only give a new gourmet taste to dishes but are also good for health. Fresh eggs contain an appropriate concentration of easily assimilated amino acids, fats - phospholipids, especially lecithin, choline, vitamins, trace elements. Lecithin regulates blood cholesterol, and choline is a very important active ingredient that benefits nerve cells.
    So enjoy your health!