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  • Limited Edition Organic Fir Honey is unlike any other honey, created when bees collect nectar from flowers. It is only made from the honeydew left behind by aphids that feed on the sap of fir trees.
    Extreme care is needed not only in harvesting this exquisite type of honey, but also for the bees themselves, in order to maintain the balance of this unique ecosystem found nowhere else. Fir honey is rich in nutrients, trace elements and minerals.
    It has a rich, caramel-like texture with a complex, luscious and completely unique flavor, with astonishing pearl and gold shades, making it one of the most unique and exclusive honeys on the planet.
    Fir Honey has won a Silver Sofi Award and was included in Oprah’s Favorites.
    TASTING NOTES:It has a completely unique and unctuously sweet flavor, releasing an extraordinary aroma reminding of ‘candy’ with hints of vanilla, and a freshness of the fir tree forest.