EXTREM LUXURY IBERICO Brisket 20 envelopes of 100% Iberico Bellota ham and shoulder + 1 Origin's wine

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  • • 100% Iberico Bellota Ham - Sliced: At Extrem Puro Extremadura we basically produce 100% Iberico Bellota ham according to our own tradition. A perfect combination of environment and product that is hard to find elsewhere.

    EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA 100% acorn-fed hind legs of Iberico pig are deep red in color with minimal streaks of pearly fat. Its taste is of difficult to classify intensity, herbaceous and fruity; something unique in a world like ham, increasingly globalized and homogenized.

    Cut 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder: Each acorn-fed Iberian shoulder has been made with every detail in mind from start to finish, from the selection of the 100% Iberian variety to a minimum curing time of 24 months at our site. dryer supplied to acorns and natural pastures in the Dehesa de Extremadura, cradle of the best of Iberia.

    We love to cook Iberian dishes; there is no greater secret. Credit goes to the oak and cork oak forests that house our Iberian pigs, the acorns and the stone walls of our drying facility in Herreruela, Cáceres. It is our job to respect them all. For this reason, each EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA acorn-fed shoulder is a unique creation, created in the purest form of nature.

    • Dehesa de Luna Orígenes 2019: With great hope to honor its roots, Dehesa de Luna Orígenes is born, a special red wine that gathers all our history and culture, but also the essence of a land rich in life, full of life. color and values. Do you want to feel it on your palate?