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    Still looking for your personal caviar favourite? No problem. The Prunier "Tasting Set" helps you - together with your family or good friends - to find your favourite caviar. The attractive set consists of three vacuum tins of 20 grams each of the Prunier caviar varieties "Tradition", "St. James" and "Malossol". The box comes with three silver-coloured plastic spoons.

    PRUNIER Tradition
    This caviar of the highest finesse and unique character has very clear, generous aromas of walnuts and almonds and impresses with a beautiful long finish.

    PRUNIER St. James
    This caviar, historically very large since 1932, is full-bodied, racy and iodine-rich and also has a great variety of flavours.

    PRUNIER Malossol
    This specific caviar, also known as "pur sel", is large-grained and deep black. It impresses with its strong, varied flavours and is reminiscent of caviar from Russian origin.