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  • In a luxury box, a set of the highest quality Galician seafood in PREMIUM cans Fernando Rei Collection, 3 pcs;
    premium razor shells in brine,
    small sardines in olive oil,
    royal scallops in scallop sauce.

    Extra high quality organic olive oil "Limited Reserve", the most sought after Athenolia variety "Eulogia of Sparta" 500 ml.

    Premium quality superfood "farmer's tranaS" without added salt "Mama Irene" 400 g.

    Extra high quality organic olive oil with luxurious white truffles (Tuber magnatum Pico), "Eulogia of Sparta" 100ml. It is the most valuable type of truffle, it is considered the most expensive gastronomic diamond in northwestern Italy.

    Award-winning Arkoi pine honey with Chios mastic. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product," Eulogia of Sparta" 298 g.

    "Gold rasperry" licorice coated with chocolate, "Lakrids by Bülow" 125 g.

    Limited edition organic spruce and thyme honey, which has won three gold stars and is included in the list of the world's elite honey. Numbered series, "Mellin" 250 g.

    Handmade Artisan dark chocolate with 70% extra virgin olive oil, thyme, truffles, dill, mustard seeds, "Sokolata Agapitos 1944" 100 g.

    Great taste eco-friendly organic mountain tea from Greece, "Aroma farms"10 g.

    Handmade Artisan white chocolate with olive oil, dried tomatoes, thyme and smoked salt, "Sokolata Agapitos "1944 100 g.

    A total of 12 pcs.