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    Eulogia of Sparta
  • Arbutus is one of the most beautiful evergreen shrubs, native to the Mediterranean region commonly known as the “wild strawberry tree'’, existing in interspersed places of Taygetos mountain. An important bee plant due to its flowering period, helping beehives make enough reserve to get through winter. Honey made of the nectar of the Arbutus is a unique product, very beneficial to health with high nutritional and therapeutic value.

    Very rich in minerals and vitamins and one of the best options for toning.

    The calories contained in the honey of arbutus are less than any other types of honey, due to the low rate of glucose and fructose, thus recommended for any diet and patients with type II diabetes.

    Arbutus honey has an unforgettably robust, mild bitter, "smokey" flavor and a slightly spiciness of herbs and floral aromas.