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  • Aether. The fifth element. The substance that connects everything together. A delicate warm base of amber and vanilla calls forth a truly aetherial combination of White Narcissus and Magnolia, resulting in a light and dreamy balsamic-floral fragrance.

    Housed in a hand-casted and hand-carved, white concrete vessel, made by high strength cement and silica sand, with the Helessence logo embossed in the middle. Every vessel is a strenuous but rewarding hand-made process that delivers a unique work of art, each with its own unpredictable patterns, making us feel we are creating something new every time.

    Dimensions: 9x9cm
    Net weight: 230g
    Burning time: 50 hours

    Please note: The end product may vary from the listing photo due to the unpredictable nature of the casting process.