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  • Pago de Espejo olive oil is produced by meticulously selecting all harvested fruits, so that they always arrive at  mill in perfect condition. Once there, they are milled within 24 hours so that their properties remain intact. Then the AOVE is extracted without heating or chemicals, decanted through a natural process and packaged. This whole thorough process allows to preserve all the organoleptic features that classify picual olive oil as the most heart-healthy olive oil thanks to its high concentration of oleic acid and polyphenols.

    The monovarietal picual oil is perfectly balanced between a sweet entry to the palate and a slightly spicy twist at the end, typical of the young olive oils from this variety. With an intense presence, this olive oil could play a key role in a dish in just a small dose.

    Highly stable against oxidation and rancidification, and deeply flavoured, Pago de Espejo extra virgin olive oil displays its full personality when consumed raw (in toasts, salads or carpaccios), but also when used for frying and stewing.

    Pago de Espejo olive oil is available in  formats of 500 ml.