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  • A delicious and soothing blend formulated with herbs known to help support general well-being. If you feel a cold coming on, this lemony tisane can help get you back in good health. It is also helpful for sore throats, especially accompanied by a teaspoon of organic honey. It also encourages a more restful sleep as it was designed to gently calm and balance. A great choice especially during the winter months. Enjoy in the morning to open your airways or at the end of the day to clear and calm yourself for bed.

    * Relax
    * Ease
    * Immune

    Availiable in: Paper box 20 g (0.7 oz), loose leaf tea
    Origin: Chalkidiki, Greece
    Ingredients: Organic linden, organic melissa, organic sage
    Taste: Fresh, sweet, floral

    * Certified organic
    * 100% natural product
    * Caffeine free
    * No added colours, flavourings, sweeteners
    * Whole, loose leaf tea
    * Great-Taste awards
    * Vegan
    * Ethically grown herbs, hand processed and hand packed

    TIPPS: How to brew:To prepare, place 1–2 tablespoons in a cup filled with hot water and let it steep for 5–7’.