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  • A creamy sweet vanilla shake has been poured into this large mason jar and crystalized into a candle. An instant winner from the moment you light it up. Actually, you don't even have to. Just pop up the lid. It's already been lit for you. A must-have for those who love vanilla candles - who doesn't - and for those seeking the most overpowered candle scent out there. And, of course, if you are so brave as to burn this double-wicked beast to the bottom, you are left with a gorgeous rustic jar to store some vanilla candies!

    Hand-poured in Greece with 100% soy wax for the cleanest burn possible. We use only cotton braided wicks for our candles and graciously fill them with superior quality, phthalates-free perfume, and essential oils.

    Dimensions: 12x12x14 cm
    Net weight: 450 g
    Burning time: Up to 80 hours